Employee Resources

The management team at Brieser Construction Company has maintained a long-term commitment to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to provide the employee training, supervision, tools and management support needed to assure that our employees end each workday safely and arrive home safe and healthy to their families.

Brieser Construction Company has achieved OSHA VPP for Construction recognition. To continuously improve our safety program, we have established specific safety program goals in order to persevere this approval. We will strive to meet and exceed the five major elements that comprise OSHA VPP.

Brieser Construction Company invites anyone to submit a report of an at-risk situation, a near miss incident, a safety suggestion or a complaint. We intend to make our job sites a safer place and to promote dignity and respect throughout our organization. 
Submit a Report

“From a customer’s perspective, Brieser Construction’s certification in VPP really brings a lot to the table. This makes Lyondell more confident that Brieser Construction has their systems in place. It is interesting to note that because they excel in safety, this spills over to other business areas such as quality, efficiency, and getting the job done right the first time. Lyondell is very pleased to have Brieser Construction as a resident contractor at our Morris, IL site, and I think the VPP process really helps to strengthen the effectiveness of their organization.”